Work Out Loud – Building connected organisations

The traditional office, with its 9-5 routine, is fast becoming a thing of the past. More and more of us now have flexible working arrangements, and are in jobs that do not have a fixed office location. We may be working from home, customer sites, or even our local coffee shop.

Social software is helping to drive this revolution in the way we work. There is a huge range of cloud-based tools available that enable staff to easily  communicate and collaborate with each other whether they are at the next desk, or a thousand miles away.

As technology improves, businesses have found that their teams are no longer constrained to working fixed hours from fixed locations. Ensuring you have the best talent, and most productive staff, in your organisation is no longer dependent on where they work, but on the strength of the technology, culture and systems you have in place to support your workforce.

Our experience tells us that you need to think about people, culture, and technology if you want to build an environment that supports flexible and collaborative working.


Through our defined strategies, we can make your organisation’s culture truly collaborative.

Work Out Loud provides practical support to business and organisations of all kinds to enable them to introduce better ways of working.

We have the skills and experience to help you:

  • Design effective people strategies and build high performing teams of flexible workers
  • Create an organisational culture that fosters and encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Select and implement the right social software tool for your organisation
  • Review and improve how you use your current solutions
  • Train your staff
  • Design practical security strategies to ensure you get all of the benefits of social software without compromising the security of your data

Wherever you are on the journey, Work Out Loud will help you avoid the pitfalls and ensure that your business sees the benefits from the revolution in the way we work.