Five ways working out loud can improve communication across your SME

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Countless businesses are beginning to adopt the working out loud ethos for themselves, and it hasn’t taken them long to reap the benefits. Working out loud can help businesses to foster creativity, encourage collaboration, save money and pursue growth, but it isn’t only for the big boys. SMEs just like yours can benefit from working out loud too, and one of the most significant improvements you’ll notice from this new approach to work is in terms of communication. Take a look at just five ways that working out loud can help your SME to communicate more effectively.



Collaboration can help your small business to make the most of its human resources, but this isn’t so easy to achieve with traditional desktop software. Traditional software packages are non-collaborative, meaning that individual team members must work on separate tasks, or take it in turns to contribute to the same document. Not so with cloud-based software. Work Out Loud adoptees will be able to use collaborative software such as Google Apps for Work and Asana to share ideas and foster a sense of teamwork. Your business is stronger when the individual parts all work towards the same shared aim.


Project management

Project management can be complex enough in a small, traditional, office-based business, but as soon as you start introducing remote workers and multiple office locations into the equation it becomes another matter entirely. Strong communication is crucial to project management, and traditionally you’d be required to email documents to distant workers and schedule phone calls or face-to-face meetings to ensure everything was going smoothly. With the help of collaborative software and the Work Out Loud ethos, this is no longer the case. With full collaborative freedom and working visibility, you’ll no longer encounter the project management roadblocks you were used to in the past.


Visible workflow

In a traditional office-based workplace, it isn’t always possible to know what your colleagues or employees are doing. Sometimes, wires get crossed and the same task is completed twice – or worse still – not completed at all. The visible workflow encouraged by working out loud ensures that everyone knows what everyone else is doing. That way, you can be sure that each employee is using his or her time as effectively as possible.



A keep principle of working out loud is that all staff should be encouraged to make their work visible to their peers, and organisations should promote a culture where everyone feels able to provide generous and constructive feedback. Collaborative working tools make it possible for everyone to easily share their ongoing work, and comment on work being done by others. Enabling managers and peers to have greater visibility of ongoing work improves communications, breaks down organisational silos and improves the quality of the work being produced.


Remote working

Remote working is nothing new, but it’s becoming increasingly widespread and welcomed by companies here in the UK. While you might have been wary of the communication roadblocks standing in the way of remote working in the past, collaborative software means that such issues are no longer relevant. Visible workflows negate the need for micromanagement of remote employees, and apps such as Skype and Google Hangouts mean that face-to-face meetings and even phone calls are no longer necessary. Improved communication makes everything a lot easier.


These are just five of the ways that working out loud can improve communication in your SME, and communication is just one of many attributes that will benefit from the Work Out Loud ethos. If you’d like to find out more about how Google Apps for Work and other collaborative software programs can help your business to move forwards, contact Work Out Loud today.


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