Time for your charity to ‘go Google’?

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At the NCVO Evolve 2014 conference, Work Out Loud ran a fringe meeting on Why your charity should ‘go Google’. Danny Golding, Work Out Loud’s Managing Director, argued that many charities would see real benefits from moving to Google Apps because it would:

  • Help them to reduce costs as it is simple to support, and there is no need to have local servers or networks
  • Make it easier for staff and volunteers to share information and collaborate with each other
  • Support partnership working by enabling information to be securely shared with partner organisations
  • Provide much higher levels of security than most charities could ever afford to implement on their own.

Here is a version of the presentation given at the meeting. In the spirit of working out loud, please feel free to share this with friends and colleagues.

Questions, questions…

Not surprisingly audience members had lots of questions to ask about the implications of moving to Google Apps from Microsoft Office. Two key concerns were:

Information Assurance – can charities hold personal data about their clients in “the cloud”?

The quick answer to this is yes they can store personal data in the cloud, provided the cloud provider has appropriate levels of security in place. In a future blog post we will be explaining what the guidance from the Information Commissioner’s Office says about this.

Migration of existing emails and files – what is the process for moving your existing data over to Google Apps?

Google has developed tried and tested tools for migrating existing emails and office files to Google Apps, which have been used thousands of times by businesses who have made the decision to ‘go Google’. Work Out Loud is always happy to discuss what would be involved in migrating your organisation’s data.

What the audience said afterwards.

Feedback from those who attended the meeting, was mostly very positive. Here is a flavour of some of the comments we received

“Very experience presenter, great knowledge of topic, relevant examples, personable approach, encouraged (and able) to answer questions. Excellent!”

“Great overview of products”

“Interesting. Confess I thought it would be more about using Google Plus Circles but certainly food for thought”

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