Should you go Google?

At Work Out Loud we believe that you should consider joining the five million businesses that have made the move to Google Apps for Work. Google Apps for Work is a low cost alternative to Microsoft Office that can help everyone work much more effectively wherever they are based.

Google Apps for Work provides you with all the key tools you need – email, word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. Google Drive gives you secure access all your documents and presentation from any PC, laptop, or smartphone, and also lets you share your work with colleagues.

There’s more to Google Apps for Work. You can use Hangouts to hold video conferences or work online with colleagues to edit documents. You also create online forms, or even build your own free website. And all your data is protected by Google’s state of the art security.

As Google Apps for Work is cloud-based, it can help you cut your IT support costs. There are no servers to purchase and maintain, and virtually nothing needs to be installed on local PCs or laptops. Contact us to discuss how we can help you to ‘go Google’.

Google Apps is totally free for qualifying charities in England and Wales. At Work Out Loud we specialise in helping charities make the most of Google Apps. We can do everything from setting up your account to training users, developing online forms, or creating your own website using Google sites. Contact us to discuss how we can help your charity to ‘go Google’.

Google Mail IconGmail


You get your own dedicated email addresses, 30GB of email per user, advanced spam filtering, and a range of tools for organising and finding mail. You can also send messages or video conference with your colleagues right from your mailbox. And Gmail can be securely accessed from almost any smartphone or tablet.

Google Calendar IconCalendar


Helps staff organise their schedules and easily create and manage shared calendars with colleagues, or partners in other agencies. The “Quick Add” feature even understands natural language so you can easily create appointments by typing event information into a simple text box.

Google docs iconDocs, Sheets and Slides


Google’s online word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation tools. They have all the basic features you need, and are designed to support collaboration. You can jointly edit a document, spreadsheet or presentation with colleagues, or securely share your work using Drive.

Google Drive iconDrive


Securely store all your files in one place so you can them from anywhere and from almost any device. You see what your colleagues are working on and share files with individuals, your team, or external partners.

Google sites iconSites


Google’s tool for creating free public websites, or intranets for your staff  and customers.

Google Forms iconForms


An easy way to set up online surveys, or collect information over the web. Google forms can be added to any website including a Google Site.

Google Hangouts iconHangouts


Google’s free web and video conferencing tool which lets staff get together to work on a Google document or presentation. You can also use Hangouts to broadcast and record your own webinars

Google Plus iconGoogle+


Google Apps integrates with Google’s social networking platform, and Google Apps customers can create their own private area.

Google Marketplace iconMarketplace


There are hundreds of low costs applications that work seamlessly with Google Apps and including CRM, project management, finance, and sales and marketing tools.

Reduced costs

Because it is a cloud tool, Google Apps for Work can save you money. You don’t need local servers or private networks to connect up your organisation. You don’t even need high spec PCs – in fact you can run everything you need on a Chromebook laptop, which start at around £200 each.

Google Apps for Work costs just £3.33 per user per month, or £33 per year. And it is free for qualifying charities and educational institutions.

Continuous innovations without upgrade hassles

Google continuously adds new features to Google Apps for Work without the need for you to make any changes locally. Time consuming and expensive software upgrades are a thing of the past. And Google Apps for Work now easily integrates with a growing range of cloud software tools.

Increased productivity

By reducing complexity and making it easier to share information, Google Apps for Work enables your staff to be more productive. Now they can access all their files and software tools from wherever they need to work from. And by making it easier to share documents and collaborate online with colleagues, your staff will spend more time doing useful work, and less time sifting through unnecessary emails.

State of the art security and reliability

Google’s applications are designed to be secure and reliable, and are backed by some of the world’s leading security experts.

Google Apps for Work comes with a whole host of security features that will protect your data regardless of whether you are a small start up or a large enterprise. All data is encrypted and stored in secure data centres. Security features like two factor authentication and support for BYOD (bring your own device) come as standard, and your Google Apps administrator can control who can see your important business data.