Our offering for you

Work Out Loud is a Google Apps for Work reseller. We specialise in helping businesses to introduce Google Apps for Work in the way that works best for your organisation.

Free initial consultation

We start by carrying out a free initial consultation to confirm that Google Apps for Work is the right choice for your business or organisation. As part of the consultation we will make sure that we understand your key
business objectives, how your staff currently work, and what IT you currently use in your organisation. We will then produce a short report that sets out:

• The benefits you could expect to see by using Google Apps for Work

• Options for how you might introduce Google Apps for Work into your organisation – for example do you start with a small pilot or go for a ‘big bang’ approach?

• A suggested approach for dealing with your existing data and IT systems

• The costs of moving to Google Apps for Work

• The return on investment (ROI) you could achieve by moving to Google Apps for Work

We are convinced that most businesses will benefit from using Google Apps for Work. But we recognise that it will not be right for every organisation, and if we do not think there is a compelling case for you using Google Apps for Work we’ll say so, and suggest alternatives you could look at.

Next Steps

If you decide you want to use Google Apps for Work, we can quickly get you up and running.

We offer a range of flexible implementation and support services that can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.


Ideal for smaller organisations
Standard Plus

For more encompassing support
Initial planning session
Creation of Google Apps account
Set up user accounts for all staff
Set up email accounts
Create a tailored user manual
Provide links to relevant online training
Free support for first year
Create standard letterheads, slides and email footers
Set up all computers to access Google Apps
Full staff and volunteer training
Transfer your existing emails and documents to Google
Set up your phones and tablets to that they can securely access your Google Apps account

We can also:

• Set up a standard Google Site that you can either use as an external public website, or an internal intranet for your organisation or partnership

• Provide tailored training for your staff on how to hold online conferences and webinars using Hangouts.

• Create Google forms that you can add to your existing website

• Show you how you can use Google tools to analyse and present your data

• Integrate Google Apps for Work with other online tools to make you even more effective


Contact us to find out more about the Google Apps support services we offer.