Collaborative working starts with having the right organisational culture in place. Without this, even the best software tool in the world won’t deliver results. Most people naturally want to work collaboratively with their colleagues, but too often organisational practices and hierarchies can get in the way of this.

Even the most collaboratively-minded individuals can still find it difficult to change ingrained habits. We are all guilty of sometimes keeping useful information locked up in our email boxes, private drives, or filing cabinets. In order to embrace the welcome changes that flexible and collaborative working can deliver, many organisations must alter their approach, their routines and their thought patterns to fit a more consciously cooperative environment.

Work Out Loud can work with you to make your organisational culture truly collaborative by:
• Defining best-practice collaborative strategies
• Outlining common pitfalls and assessing risk in advance of implementation
• Providing specific advice on what training and technology will ensure success