Flexible working

Building a successful flexible working strategy can entail more than simply ensuring the relevant infrastructure is in place. In truth, flexible working can be a difficult journey for those who are unprepared for its unique challenges, and many benefit from additional training that details how to exploit specific strengths within the software and culture that allows such arrangements.

Work Out Loud can provide specific training in the form of workshops, training events and one-to-one sessions that will help your organisation to succeed through:
• Successfully introducing the concepts and best practices of flexible working arrangements
• Providing specific training to assist in the adoption of new technology or software
• Management-level coaching in building and managing high performance teams when staff are working from different locations.

Through such training events, coaching and workshops, we can help your organisation to create adaptable and productive work environments that foster creativity and collaboration. Work Out Loud’s approach helps each individual to adopt and embrace flexible working as a sustainable effective strategy.

Crucially, by having these key building blocks in place your organisation will be in a much better position to harness the value of the social software and mobile technologies that are now available to support flexible working.